An Ode to the End of Summer

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As summer comes to an end, school starts back, and we head back to the office, we’re savoring every hour of sunlight and every last weekend adventure.

Whether you’re planning a camping trip over Labor Day weekend, soaking up the sun and the waves, or relaxing at home, we’ve got recommendations for your outdoor adventures. Keep reading for information on how to sign up for our VIP list.

On the go? Try our Steeped Coffee

We’ve all realized instant coffee was the only option at one point or another: caring for grandparents who drink Folgers every morning, at a hotel with few amenities, or at a National Park campsite. Even as a former barista, I add instant espresso to my morning protein smoothie when I’m in a hurry. We all make different coffee choices when we’re in a rush or in different day-to-day settings.

But what if you could enjoy good “instant” coffee? What if your in-a-hurry coffee was as enjoyable as your favorite steeped tea?

We’ve crafted two of our bestsellers—Crazy Goat and WBC World’s Best Coffee—for on the go! Take your favorite coffee on the go with our new adventure-ready, single-serve coffee packs. An excellent cup of coffee—anytime, anywhere, and ready in just a few minutes. All you need is to add hot water, steep, and enjoy.

Our Crazy Goat Steeped is a blend with flavors of dark chocolate and sweet toffee, and our WBC World’s Best Coffee Steeped is known for its chocolate notes and complex berry tones.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It, Check out the Reviews

  • Reviewer Crystal gives five stars, sharing:
    • “Morning Saver. Used the single serve packets while at a continued education event over the weekend. These were so much better than catered caribou coffee they served at the event. Smooth, flavorful and delicious. Great for on the go events. Love the eco packaging and thoughtfulness of the brand.”

  • Reviewer Mark also gives five stars, sharing:
    • “Single Serve Packs for the Road. I travel a lot and the single serve packs let me avoid hotel coffee.”

  • Reviewer Anthony gives 4 and a half stars and shares:
    • “These are remarkably good and have been saving me in a pinch on days I’m running late.”

  • Jade from Coffee Fanatics Unite tried and reviewed six of our coffees and shares her thoughts on both steeped coffee bags here:
    • WBC Steeped: “...The first thing that caught my attention was how it smelled, since you could smell the berry flavor right away. To my relief, however, the flavor wasn’t overwhelmingly fruity — you could definitely taste the berry, but it was subtle enough to add a bit of complexity.”
    • Crazy Goat Steeped: “...Despite the unconventional way this coffee was made, the flavor was really good! I could taste more dark chocolate than toffee, but the flavor was still really bold and robust — and super tasty! I definitely recommend this to everyone! I loved these coffee bags; they’re so unique! I feel like they would make an excellent substitute for instant coffee — they have all the convenience and speed of instant coffee, but so much better flavor.”

We’ve even got an adventure-ready set with our Rise and Shine Camper Mug & 2 Single-Serve Steeped bags here.

Last Sips of Summer, Our Ode to LA

Have you tried our Summertime yet? With flavor notes of citrus grapefruit, peach stone fruit, blueberry, and undertones of lemon and sweet plum, our Summertime will transport you to your favorite breezy, summer beach days. It’s our ode to LA. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the last bit of summer with our Summertime. (Also recommended as an espresso! You’ll get more tartness with an espresso extraction method, with notes of lemon, green apple, peach, and pomegranate)

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Check out our new coffee offerings and get ready to enjoy the long weekend.

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